Covid 19 Updates


There are currently massive delays with international shipping of parcels to many overseas countries following the covid 19 outbreaks.

Due to this, the infrastructure for international shipping networks is struggling. Airmail is slow. In many cases instead of 3 weeks, it's more like 6 - 8 weeks for USA and can be 8-12 weeks for some countries. Others are on suspended services..

There is just a huge lack of plane flights and shipping.

Unfortunately, for the time being, (as of 3/8/20) we have therefore decided to withdraw the offer to ship to countries outside Europe via our website for the time being until such time as services start to resume more normal delivery patterns and time scales.

I am as disappointed as you are that international parcels are slow to arrive and once in transit, there is nothing we can do to speed them up.

We will still offer international shipping on ebay via the Ebay Global Shipping Scheme and can list "special" orders if required to ship by this method which should offer both you and us a little more protection.

For further info or to discuss, please direct message or email

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