The Finger Spatula - for all the hard to reach places

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The Finger Spatula - for all the hard to reach places

This spatula is specially designed for getting the last out of jars, tins and spreading buttercream!


The finger spatula is a really long slender one with a very flexible silicone head.
The head partis 106mm long by just 25mm wide at the base and 20mm wide at the tip. Overall length is 280mm.

This one comes in handy practically every day for something. It's fab for icing with buttercream and gives you so much more precision.The flexibility of the head and the long slender shaft means it's so much easier and you don't end up with a knife which has buttercream half way up the handle !
It's great for tricky bits and doing the sides of cakes such as those made with ourSAY IT WITH CAKE personalised letter and number moulds. You won't believe how much extra condensed milk you can get out the tin, nor how much extra sauce from a narrow necked bottle... and with such ease :-)
The triangular wedge head and our new finger spatulas are two rather odd ball items that once you try, you would never want to be without !Super pieces of kitchenware that you will struggle to find in even the best specialist kitchen cook shop. Until now that is ....