SNOWMAN - 3D silicone chocolate mould

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SNOWMAN - 3D silicone chocolate mould
  • SNOWMAN - 3D silicone chocolate mould
  • SNOWMAN - 3D silicone chocolate mould

Our Chocolate Collection moulds are super for creating both solid and filled chocolate treats.

You will find them really easy to use and release with chocolate. This new mould will let you make hollow chocolate snowmen. You'll need a few layers of chocolate or candy melts and to join both parts together with some extra chocolate to make a hollow shell.


Great fun project to make with the kids or to produce your own edible Chrismas gifts.
Could also be used with soap, plaster and resin

Overall measurements of mould : 205 x 205 x 40mm

Each side is approx 85mm widest point, 185mm high and 40mm deep.
Each side holds approx 225ml liquid volume

Makes a snowman approx 7" high and just over 3" diameter when complete

Finished chocolates literally pop out the mold. No whacking it on a worktop as you sometimes need to do with polycarbonate moulds and these don't crack either.

As per all our silicone bakeware moulds, these are also oven and freezer proof. Use them from +260deg C to -60deg C. We have customers using them for moulding resins, concrete, plaster, bitumen, chocolates, cakes, hard candies and many other mediums

Additionally use for bath melts,wax melts, candies.. ice cream.... or tiny popover cakes

As these are literally just off our production run, some may smell a bit rubbery. This is normal will not transfer to foodstuffs. Siliconecannot taint or absorb flavours. It's simply the brand new materials curing and will fade given a little time

Visit our cook shop to view our full and extensive range of silicone moulds. We've probably got the largest stocks and range of silicone cookware in the UK !


Follow our recipes (with photos) using silicone moulds on our blog


Flexible - fold it or roll it !
Non Stick
Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.
Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
Does not absorb smells or taste !

Heat temperature tested from +260degC to -60degC
FDA and CE approved

NOTE - All our moulds are specifically manufactured for us. They are all brand new and unused.

To reduce waste and landfill and keep costs down to you and to us, we pack in minimal packaging. Your moulds will be sent in plain plastic mailers and WON'T have fancy shop display packaging or hanging cards.