SMALLER *BLACK* Pastry / Work Mat - Rolling / Fondant / Sugarcraft

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SMALLER *BLACK* Pastry / Work Mat - Rolling / Fondant / Sugarcraft
300 x 350mm overall size

This is a small pastry / sugar paste / fondant rolling mat. Please see other items in our online shop for a much bigger version.

One side and top has cm measurement markings. The other side and the bottom has inch measurement markings.

There are marked round (diameter) markings in the middle for rolling 12.5cm, 15cm, 17.5 and 20cm circles in fondant or pastry.

Bear in mind that being silicone, it can be cut through quite easily. Therefore, itis important not to use sharp objects on this item.

If you want to trim round a pieceof fondant or pastry to an accurate size, LIGHTLY use a blunt table knife.

For fondant and sugar paste, do pre treat the surface of the mat lightly with TREX (UK) or CRISCO (USA) before use