Mega Dots (pk 50) AMERICAN JUMBO MUFFIN Paper Cases

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Funky and fun spotty dotty coloured paper cake cases / liners in shaded colours.Wacky multi printed colours.These really will make your cakes stand out from the rest !

Made from greaseproof paper, these are AMERICAN JUMBO MUFFIN CAKE cases / liners. I don't know of anywhere else that stocks them !

USE INSIDE OUR NEW CROWN MUFFIN (AMERICAN JUMBO MUFFIN MOULD) - AVAILABLE FROM 1st DECEMBER 2010 - the rebated head on the mould makes the big domed, mushroom head like you get on cafe and coffe shop muffins !

We use them when we are making cakes we plan to ice - makes handling the cakes much cleaner and easier !

They are also perfectly suitable for traditional baking tins / trays.

Approximate measurements :


60mm base diameter
80mm top diameter
32mm wall height


See our Recipe sections for ideas and our blog

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