DAYS (word) Silicone Cake Mould - DISCONTINUED

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DAYS (word) Silicone Cake Mould - DISCONTINUED
  • DAYS (word) Silicone Cake Mould - DISCONTINUED
  • DAYS (word) Silicone Cake Mould - DISCONTINUED

Make a very unusal cake with this unusual non stick silicone mould. Good for hundreds of uses. This particular mould style benefits from greasing and flouring at every use. See our blog for more photos and recipes using the Cake Words range.

The range currently includes the words HAPPY, BIRTH, DAYS and CAKE. The moulds can be cut up into single letters to allow easy mix and match.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY CAKES, HAPPY DAYS, CAKE DAYS will be the main ones - but you could easily cut them up into individual letters and make your own combinations.... such as RICHARD, CARRIE, CATHERINE, DAISY, HIPPY SHAKE, HAIRY BIKERS. The list goes on !

We're already making the tooling to extend the range further in 2011, so the rest of the letters of the alphabet will be able to be bought singly and numerals will be available too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY obviously will make a rather big (as in spread out) cake - so you would need to either cover a piece of card in tinfoil, or a piece of hardboard / chipboard in wipable tablecloth.

See our baking blog at for photos, recipes and ideas.

These moulds are very flexible and you do need to put them on a baking sheet in the oven. Two moulds will generally fit on a standard baking sheet. The longer words like HAPPY and BIRTH, you may need to put on an upside down baking tray and slightly at an angle (back to front)

You would benefit from making two lots of SAY IT WITH CAKE word cakes and doubling them in height with a filling and iced.

Try pouring a two tone cakes (and marbelising the two colours together with a skewer). Ideal for baking cakes, making jellies, pates, mousses and ice too !!


Additionally use for bath melts, candles, chocolate, jellies, ice cream....
Super size and shape for savory tarts, desserts,cakes



Approx measurements overall : 340mm / 14" long x 140mm / 5.1/2" wide
Each hole approx 115mm / 4.1/2" long, various widths,40mm / 1.1/2" deep



Flexible - fold it or roll it !
Non Stick
Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.
Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
Does not absorb smells or taste !



Heat temperature tested from +230degC to -40degC
FDA and CE approved


All of our flexible silicone moulds are graded for food use and suitable for use in your freezer and oven. Unlike most cookware, all of our moulds are versatile enough to be used for craft uses such as soaping and candle making.

That means, should your application suit - you can use our soap moulds for food use in your kitchen ...... or our cake moulds and trays for your soaps and candles.

These are also used for making organite, using with plaster of paris, concrete and bitumen tar ... so have a very wide variety of uses ! Visit our silicone cook shop to see the full range