8 Large Caneles / Canneles Silicone Mould (fluted)

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8 Large Caneles / Canneles Silicone Mould (fluted)
  • 8 Large Caneles / Canneles Silicone Mould (fluted)
  • 8 Large Caneles / Canneles Silicone Mould (fluted)
  • 8 Large Caneles / Canneles Silicone Mould (fluted)

Extract from Wikipedia -for full link see here: A caneléis a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. The dessert, which is in the shape of small, striated cylinder approximately two inches in height, is a specialty of the Bordeaux region of France but can often be found in Parisian patisseries as well. Made from egg, sugar, milk and flour flavored with rum and vanilla, the custard batter is baked in a mold, giving the canelé a caramelized crust and custard-like inside.

We've had a mini canele sized silicone bakeware mould for a long time and it's been very popular - especially with overseas customers. Traditional canele (also cannele) moulds were made of copper and SERIOUSLY expensive and had to get hold of.

Due to popular request, we're pleased to add this standard size canele mould to our silicone bakeware colletion. These beautiful little French cakes are time consuming but very worthwhile to make. There has never been a better time to have a go than now !

Approximate measurements :

Overall : 295mm x 175mm x 52mm
Internal : 50mm dia (widest point) x 50mm high

Depth 34mm / 1.1/3"


Flexible - fold it or roll it !
Non Stick
Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.
Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
Does not absorb smells or taste !

Heat temperature tested from +230degC to -40degC
FDA and CE approved

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