12 *PINK* Sponge Finger / Cake Bar Silicone Mould

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12 *PINK* Sponge Finger / Cake Bar Silicone Mould
  • 12 *PINK* Sponge Finger / Cake Bar Silicone Mould
  • 12 *PINK* Sponge Finger / Cake Bar Silicone Mould
We've now got this awesome 12 cell sponge finger / cake bar mould.
It's super for making little single portion tea cakes to dress vintage style cake stands. Excellent also for portion control ! Make bar type cakes exactly the same size, time and time again. Whether it be brownies, lemon bars, tea cakes or delicous pistachio financiers like the ones I've made in the photos.

Each of the12cells in this moldis approx 30mm x 30mm x 75mm. The whole mould is approx 295 x 180mm overall. It WILL (as all our silicone bakewaremoulds do) need support on a baking tray during use.
Would be super for portioning pates too !

Try pouring a two tone colour cake (and marbelising the two colours together with a skewer). Ideal for baking cakes, making jellies, pates, mousses - or even soaps !

Approx measurements overall : 295mm long x 280mm wide
Each cell / cavity approx 30mm deep x 30mm wide x 75mm long

Flexible - fold it or roll it !
Non Stick
Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.
Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
Does not absorb smells or taste

Heat temperature tested from +260 deg C to -60 deg C
FDA and CE approved


All of our flexible silicone moulds are graded for food use and suitable for use in your freezer and oven. Unlike most cookware, all of our moulds are versatile enough to be used for craft uses such as soaping and candle making.

That means, should your application suit - you can use our soap moulds for food use in your kitchen ...... or our cake moulds and trays for your soaps and candles.

These are also used for makinga multitude of things using mediums such as plaster of paris, concrete and bitumen tar ... so have a very wide variety of uses ! Visit our silicone cook shop to see the full range.