*RED* 8 cell Rectangular Bar Mould - Ideal 4 Soap & Brownies

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*RED* 8 cell Rectangular Bar Mould - Ideal 4 Soap & Brownies
This mould is a registered design belonging to SiliconeMoulds.com. We created it due to many requests for a large cafe style single portion brownie mould and equally as many requests for a mould to make rectangular soap bars.... as near as possible to 100g finished weight.

Use it to make amazing home made choc ices too !

The rectangular cells in this mould make it very very useful for a large variety of applications. Whether you use it to make identical sized brownies or other cake bars that you would normally create as tray bakes and slice by hand..... One of my recipe for brownies is available on ourblog here

This 8 cell rectangular bar mould is also ideal for making hand made soaps. Finished soap weight is approx 95 > 100g using melt and pour soap base.

It's a heavier weight mould for the size than many may expect, but this is needed for rigidity. It still allows lots of flex, but the sharp corners of the mould inside each cell means you really DO need to grease and flour for cakes before use. Try cake release spray - it's great stuff ! No preparation required for soap / chocolate as normal

Overall Mould Dimensions : 320mm x 220mm

Cell size 75mm x 50mm x 25mm (3" x 2" x 1")