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*INDENTED* HEARTS - Chocolate Collection Silicone MouldIdeal for solid or filled chocolate hearts. Solid chocolate weight 12g.
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12 Hearts (fluted) Silicone Chocolate Melt Mould

Ideal for larger filled chocolates, canapes, tiny cakes, bath melts and guest sized hand soaps

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15 Rose Chocolate / Candy Silicone MouldMakes beautiful, large filled chocolates. Also see the link to our blog for tutorial on how to make this stunning fudge candy bouquet.
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5 Heart Tube / Ring Friendship Cake Mould - PINK   ** DISCONTINUED *This is a large friendship tube / ring silicone cake mould - to make cakes made for sharing
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6 JAGGY HEARTS - BLACK silicone mouldsee full items details for recipe link to the jellies shown. Makes really pretty panna cotta !
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6+1 Owl Chocolate / Candy Silicone Mould ©SJKunique registered design Autumn 2013
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Large Heart Cake Shape Silicone Mould **NOW RED**This large heart mould fast become one of my personal favourites. Plain and simple - yet highly effective, the heart cake releases cleanly and easily from the silicone bakeware.