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10 cell SKULLS Chocolate / Candy MouldRetro style skull / chocolate mould. Good for cake toppers too. Solid chocolate weight 25g
12 cell - UNION jack FLAG Chocolate Collection Mould12 cell UNION FLAG chocolate mould. Did you know that the UNION FLAG is officially only known as the UNION JACK when it is displayed on a warship ? Our unusual chocolate mould will allow you to create solid or filled chocolates with a truly British feel.
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12 Hearts (fluted) Silicone Chocolate Melt Mould

Ideal for larger filled chocolates, canapes, tiny cakes, bath melts and guest sized hand soaps

15 Bonbon / Semi Sphere / Cake Pops Silicone Mould  two halves together to make CAKE POPS. See item description for Youtube Tutorial link.
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15 cell BLACK Honeycomb / Bees Wax Chocolate and Candy MouldIdeal for large singular chocolates, bees wax or small guest size soaps and wax melts - this honeycomb style mould with hexagonal cells is very cute !