Using Chocolate Transfer Sheets and Making Chocolate Oreos !

Quick and Easy Carrot Toppers for Carrot Cake !

The mould for making these toppers is available here :
Snow Mountains Recipe

I came up with this super recipe for an awesome biscuity type treat. Pillowy soft clouds of divine mashmallow, on top of a crunchy chocolate and biscuit base...... rolled in coconut. Freeze beautifully too !
Making a Life Size Chocolate Skull

This video shows you how to make a life size chocolate skull using the Wilton Dimensions 3d Skull Pan / Tin which can be found in our online shop at here :

Check out our other Youtube videos to see two versions of this being smashed up (one fillled with marshmallow eyeballs and strawberry sauce !)
Bailey's Irish Cream Marshmallows

Makes luxurious "adult" marshmallows for melting on top of hot chocolate. Ideal for Christmas hampers
Quick and Easy Homemade Fudge

Very Versatile recipe. Change the dry add ins for various different combinations. Try layering with two or three different fudge types too !
How To Colour and Mould Chocolate - PART 1

Sarah-Jane shows how to make disposable paper piping bags and melt chocolate for colouring and moulding in silicone bakeware moulds using the microwave method. See our other Youtube Videos for parts 2 & 3.
How To Make Macarons

A full guide to making macarons including baking on the Revolutionary Double Sided Macaron Mat.

The silicone macaron mats can be found in our online shop. You can also find many recipes and guides on our blog at
Packaging for Macarons

How to make attractive gift packaging for macarons / macaroons. It's cheap and easy !
Making Cake Pops - My Way !

Simple way to make cake pops using semi sphere silicone bakeware moulds.
This short video clip shows just how easy it is to release chocolates from our "Buttons" Silicone Chocolate Mould.
Rolling pastry and fondant on our massive silicone rolling and work mat.

It really is THAT easy !
How to make toffee popcorn ... presented by Oliver - age 3 !